About FLA

Established in 2002, The Florida Lawn Mower Racing Association (FLA) is for ages 10 and older that have a love for racing. Our club was founded by Joe Gillians. He had a vision to see that this sport was growing and wanted to have a dedicated place to race. With his hard work and efforts the FLA was born and a lease was drafted with the City of Avon Park to be the FIRST dedicated Lawnmower Racing facility in the United States. As the club continues to grow and change, it is run by a board that is comprised of all volunteers.

Since the club was started, the FLA has hosted a national points race in April. Racers come from all over the US to compete here at the Avon Park Mowerplex, on there way to a national championship! In 2008 the FLA along with Nasgrass, hosted the first ever Triple header weekend of racing! Our FLA racers regularly compete on the national circuit and many have been or currently are National Champions. Many of our racers have appeared on television including races on ESPN! You can check out the latest National Point standings here- LetsMow.com/Points

We believe that lawn mowing should not be just a weekend chore but a sport.

Races are held mostly at the Avon Park Mowerplex. There is NO purse money in lawn mower racing. Racers compete for trophies, bragging rights, and the love of the sport. The FLA is run primarily for fun loving racing enthusiasts and their friends. Members race for the love of competition and all who share this philosophy are encouraged to join the FLA and participate.

How do you participate? If you own a riding lawn mower and know how to have fun, then you are already on your way! You must be a member to compete so, fill out a membership application at LetsMow.com/Membership Make sure to check the FLA as your local group. One of the reasons for the membership is so you are covered by the USLMRA’s insurance. Then, you will receive your very own Sta-bil official rules and regulation handbook, and our “Cutting Edge” newsletter (that comes out once a year).

Who will you be competing against? To make the racing fair to everyone, you will be grouped with other racers that have comparable mowchines. Your lawn mower’s horsepower (maximum 20 HP) and any modifications you make are taken into consideration when establishing the class in which you will compete. Our Stock Class is for regular, garden variety lawn mowers that could roll out of anyone’s garage. Our Prepared and Factory Experimental Classes are more wide open and allow you to make additional modifications (within the USLMRA rules) to your machine. Download a free copy of the rules from LetsMow.com/RuleBook.

What about safety? Although this is a sport for people who enjoy being a little zany and having fun, we take safety very seriously. A large part of our rule book is aimed at safety. Someone getting hurt takes all the fun out of it. But accidents do happen, after all it is racing. Your mower will always be inspected by officials on race day to make sure they are as safe as possible. You will also be required to wear protective clothing and a helmet.

So come to the track and check out some of the FASTEST mowers in the world, racing wheel to wheel! You won’t believe it until you see it for yourself!!!!

Ready, Set……………..MOW!!!!!!!!

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